What is a natural cosmetic? Everything you need to know

What is a natural cosmetic? Everything you need to know

You have probably heard about natural cosmetics, but you still do not know what exactly is… You are in the perfect place! In this article, we will explain what a natural cosmetic is and the benefits that the daily use of natural cosmetics can bring to your skin.


What is natural cosmetic?

A simple definition of natural cosmetics could be all those cosmetic products that use principal actives from plants and minerals that respect the environment and the skin of the consumer.

All these cosmetics differ from traditional cosmetics because they do not use chemical and synthetic materials. For example, they do not contain artificial preservatives or synthetic perfumes. Hence, those cosmetics does not contain any toxic or harmful product for the health of the consumer or for the environment.

Another characteristic feature of natural cosmetics is that these cosmetics are not tested on animals, having a cruelty-free policy. Natural cosmetics companies have high respect towards the environment.

In short, natural cosmetics should meet the following principles:


Raw materials of vegetable origin

Natural cosmetics use raw materials of vegetable origin and, as far as possible, from organic crops. This type of crops does not use chemical products and does not harm the environment.


Without chemicals

Natural cosmetics do not add chemical components and use the most natural preservatives.  Natural cosmetics are products that do not use perfumes or artificial flavors, nor do they contain preservatives or dyes of synthetic origin or petroleum derivatives.

Although natural cosmetics use preservatives, the preservatives used are as natural as possible, such as alcohol. There are also prohibited ingredients in natural cosmetics that are harmful to the skin, such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates or triclosan.


Complete information about the ingredients used

Natural cosmetics will always detail in their packaging the complete information about the ingredients used for their manufacture. The use of natural and quality active ingredients is one of its biggest points in favor.


Respect the environment

The manufacture of natural cosmetics is meticulous and safe. Its elaboration respects the environment and the containers used are easy-to-recycle.



Natural cosmetics are not tested on animals. Companies that manufacture natural cosmetics are ruled by ethical standards which aim to preserve the planet and act naturally without harming the ecosystems.


Benefits of natural cosmetics

The most important benefit of natural cosmetics is that they respect your skin and are able to fit its needs naturally. They are a type of cosmetics that help different types of skin respecting its characteristics. In addition, the natural ingredients used are perfect for people with sensitive skin or a tendency to have allergic reactions to chemical products. Natural cosmetics take care and respect your skin more than conventional cosmetics.

There are people who may think that using natural raw materials can affect the effectiveness of natural cosmetics. At first glance, it seems that the use of chemicals and synthetic additives help to make cosmetics more effective. But this is not the case since the effectiveness of natural products and therefore, natural cosmetics is higher because it does not contain any synthetic additive that fills/lengthens the properties of cosmetics. By not containing any synthetic filler natural cosmetics are more effective. By not using chemicals, natural cosmetic products may have a different appearance than traditional cosmetics. For example, in terms of color and odor but it could be used to identify a natural product.

In addition, it is very important to emphasize that natural cosmetics seek to be environmentally respectful. They use raw materials of vegetable origin from organic crops and that do not harm the environment, as they do not use chemical products while farming.


Natural cosmetics products

The goal of KLAU Natural Beauty is to wake up the natural beauty of your skin and to obtain the best results KLAU produces natural cosmetics. These are three KLAU Beauty products in the New Zealand edition, all of them made with natural assets from organic crops from New Zealand.


Day Cream

KLAU Beauty Day Cream is a daytime moisturizer. Its main function is to prevent the aging factors of the skin by producing natural hydration and protection from the sun. The cream acts penetrating the deepest layers of the skin without clogging your pores. Your skin breathes and is hydrated in a healthy and natural way of protecting your cells. It will also help to reduce the expression lines due to the quality of its natural assets.

See Day Cream.


Night Serum

KLAU Beauty Night Serum helps to regenerate your skin naturally while you sleep. The serum oxygenates and repairs your cells. This serum has high doses of natural active ingredients from New Zealand. All these actives have a greater effect on your skin than other products. Using KLAU Night Serum your skin will irradiate vitality and energy.

See Night Serum.


Beauty Bomb

Beauty Bombs are completely natural and made with active ingredients from organic crops from New Zealand. This product will give vitality to your skin, as it is an antioxidant mask that will give your skin a kick of vitamins and nutrition.

See Beauty Bomb.


We hope that after reading this article you have a clear vision of what a natural cosmetic is and its properties and advantages over traditional cosmetics.

If you have any questions, please contact KLAU Natural Beauty. We will be happy to answer all your questions and doubts. Contact us by filling out the form on the website. Until next time!

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