We are glad to present you KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition. Do not miss it!

We are glad to present you KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition. Do not miss it!

New Zealand… what amazing landscapes, beaches, jungles, etc.! Who would not love to be there?

Even though it can sound like a joke, New Zealand is not that far! With  KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition you could have in your skin the most natural and pure ingredients of New Zealand.

This edition of KLAU Beauty cosmetics is composed of three exclusive products made with natural ingredients from the most ecological country in the world, New Zealand. All the actives used in these products have been grown in biological crops to ensure that KLAU products will hydrate your skin naturally and with toxin-free actives.

The products of the KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition are three: a day moisturizer called Day Cream, a nocturnal regenerating serum known as Night Serum, and finally, the Beauty Bombs, which will provide an instantaneous explosion of vitality to your skin. All of them will help you to wake up your natural beauty.



KLAU face moisturizer for the New Zealand edition is called Day Cream, KLAU Hydration. It is not a simple moisturizer but a cream with exceptional active ingredients, all natural and from New Zealand biological crops.

The main attraction of the KLAU moisturizer is that it penetrates the deepest layers of the skin without clogging your pores. This type of hydration allow your skin to hydrate naturally and healthy, nourishing and protecting your cells from the inside. Using KLAU day cream your skin will recover its elasticity and lines of expression will diminish until becoming invisible. In addition, the Day Cream of KLAU has sun protection SPF 30. This combination of perfect hydration and sun protection SPF 30, protects your skin from the two main factors of aging: sun and dehydration. With KLAU day cream you will achieve a 100% natural and respectful hydration in your skin.

But that is not all! KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition is a line of products made by everyone, with no distinction between sex, race or age regarding the use of the products. It is a moisturizer that will fill the needs of any person, yes a Free-Gender cream. At KLAU we know that everybody needs to recover the natural attractiveness of their skin moisturizing it with a cream made of natural actives.

On the male face, KLAU New Zealand edition day cream will provide flexibility, smoothes and a reduction of the expression marks in the skin. In addition, it can be applied after shaving to feel your skin fresh and hydrated.

On the female face, the cream will provide a soft, luminous and perfectly hydrated skin. Expression lines will diminish and the face will recover the vitality that had years ago. In addition, KLAU Day Cream can be applied to the contour of the eyes and lips.


Active Ingredients

To have these properties, the Day Cream of KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition has the following active ingredients:




KLAU Beauty also features in the New Zealand edition a night serum that accelerates the regeneration of the skin while you sleep. This night serum will take advantage to nourish and relax your skin while you are sleeping.

Its high concentrations of exclusive and natural active ingredients will produce visible results on the skin from the first days of use. It is a perfect food for the skin that repairs all the cells while they rest at night and boost their capacity for regeneration.

This magnificent serum will provide rest, vitality and energy to the male skin. And female skin will be radiant, happy, fresh and free of expression marks. It will also provide on everybody a skin full of energy to face all the challenges of the new day.


Active Ingredients

To have these amazing  properties the Night Serum of KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition has high doses of the following active ingredients:




The third product, of the KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition, is the Beauty Bomb. An explosion of vitality for your skin that will make you shine more than ever!

KLAU Beauty Bomb is an antioxidant and nourishing mask made with high concentrations of natural active ingredients from New Zealand biological crops. Their properties penetrate to reach the deepest layers of the skin producing an instant explosion of vitality and energy in the skin.

This product consists of six single doses, and it is recommended to use a single dose per week to have the best results on your skin immediately. While using the KLAU Beauty Bomb you will do a nourishing lifting on your skin from home. Book an hour a week to relax and take care of yourself, because you deserve it!

The Beauty Bomb will provide flexibility and instantly firmness to the man’s face. And the feminine skin will shine in front of any situation being soft, radiant and full of vitality. Anyone who uses the Beauty Bomb will radiate youth. You deserve a Beauty Bomb break. Everyone will notice the results instantly!


Active Ingredients

This product has the following active ingredients in high doses:



Now you know all the products of the KLAU Beauty New Zealand edition and its natural assets and properties. So, what are you waiting to try them? Take advantage of this moment and buy KLAU products, you will not regret it.

And remember, wake up your natural beauty!

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